Along with the members here at Beautiful Savior, I would like to express our excitement at the opportunity to know you and to share with you the wonderful ways in which Christ is working in our church and community. Here at Beautiful Savior we Celebrate the ways in which God is working around us. We Deepen our faith through the practice of that faith and we Share God’s love in community—here and around us. Celebrating, Deepening and Sharing God’s Love. Together as the body of Christ we live out our faith throughout all parts of our lives.

We are a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. In Celebrating, Deepening and Sharing God’s love, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is a Christian community called to gather people from diverse backgrounds and to provide a safe and welcoming place that will enable all to grow in faith and service in the name of Jesus Christ. We, the members of Beautiful Savior, proclaim the good news that all people without regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, culture or ethnic background, economic status, physical or mental abilities, family status, gender, or age are welcomed into the life of our congregation, including our worship and sacraments, holy rites, ministry of service and fellowship. We pledge to live as God’s reconciling people in our life together as members of Beautiful Savior and in our outreach to the world.

Inside this website you will find information about our ministries and how our mission takes shape in our community and beyond. Beautiful Savior is a family: A family steeped in relationship — with the world, each other, and with God. We worship, serve, learn, and act as God’s “hands and feet.”

If you’ve been thinking, searching, hoping and praying for a special place to belong, we say again – WELCOME! May you find Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church to be that place!

In Peace,

Pastor Chris Manisto

Join in the ministry and mission here at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church!