BSLC 2020

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is taking steps to remodel/add on to our church building.  This process has just begun and you can find updates and information as it becomes available on this page.  Watch us grow!  #BSLC2020 together we share in God’s mission!

Read a letter from June 2018 about the project from Pastor Chris here

Our building project is currently on hold until we call a full time pastor. Initial steps have been taken to begin this building process, and we ask you to prayerfully consider the ways you can contribute to this process in the near future.

Building Remodel Project History

2012: A congregation wide Holy Conversation is implemented; Out of this work a strategic plan cited the need to build on and remodel the church to continue in the ministry and mission of Beautiful Savior.

2014:  Interim Pastor Michelle Meineke and then Council President Dave Hellerud form a Building Committee to start exploring options to continue the recommendations of the Holy Conversation.

2015:  The Building Committee surveyed the congregation and the majority agreed that we need to build on/remodel.

2016:  The Building Committee and Pastor Chris Manisto meet with staff and committees to survey and identify needs for building use.

2016:  A Strategic Design Task force is formed by the council to begin initial conversations about next steps.  Then Council President Lynda Harriman,  members of the Building Committee, Pastor Chris, and others begin this work.

September 9, 2017 The Strategic Design Task force and the BSLC Church council call a congregational meeting to vote on next steps which include setting aside money from the building fund to hire an architect to develop a master plan.  The congregation overwhelmingly votes to do so.

October 22, 2017 Council signed a letter of agreement with Planning Solutions Inc. for the architectural services of Mark Diloreto.

October November and December 2017 Mark held three listening workshops with the whole congregation to ascertain the needs of staff, committees and the congregation in general around goals for the building to support BSLC’s mission of Celebrating, Deepening and Sharing God’s love.

January and February 2018 Mark began developing the master plan with input from the Strategic Design Team.  Three possible building/remodeling phases were identified.

March 2018 The Strategic Design Team consider the pros and cons of beginning the build/remodel with each of the three phases.  A Capital Campaign leadership team is identified.  Conversation with Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA for a Capital Campaign consultant is initiated.

March 13, 2018 The Strategic Design Team made their recommendation for Phase 1 to the BSLC Council.  The Council unanimously voted to accept the recommendation for presentation to the congregation.

April 29, 2018 A congregational meeting is held presenting the master plan and all phasing options.  A “ballpark” cost for the project is presented along with a recommendation for phase 1.  The following motions were put on the floor by Don Houck and Neale Arntson respectively:  “I move that we accept the master plan and phase 1 as presented and move forward this year with a capital campaign to fund phase 1” and “I move that the Congregation authorize up to $340,000, as funds become available in the building fund, to cover pre-application and permitting fees, plus architectural and engineering work in order to be bid ready for construction of phase 1.” The motions were unanimously accepted.

Summer 2018 pre-application and schematic design work to be completed by the architect. A Capital Campaign committee will form and that important work will begin this fall.  Initial next steps around this project will be taken.  This will not happen overnight! Our work continues in faith.  We look forward to what’s next!  Together we will build the future of BSLC.