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During October (as part of the #Write31Days online challenge), we’re unpacking what the Reformation means for our faith community here on our blog. Click here to catch up on the rest of the series.

I (Christa) have developed a serious academic crush on church history and I’m having a ton of fun sharing everything I’m learning about the Reformation with you!

While researching any new post, paper or blog series, I love the process of digging into a variety of perspectives on any given topic. God has gifted so many individuals with histories and experiences that lead them to the most amazing conclusions on any given topic. It’s a delight to read what they come up with and bounce their ideas off those I feel God has given me.

In this post, I hope to share a bit of this experience with and am including links to my several perspectives on the Reformation below. Not all authors’ opinions align with either my own or with those of many in our congregation, but reading all can give us a sense of how BIG the Reformation continues to be. The events we’re celebrating this month continue to influence theologians and thought-leaders 500 years later. My hope and prayer is that the discussions sparked by collective interest in this topic draw us closer to Christ and one another as we grow in grace and knowledge.

The Church We Need Now: Why the Anabaptist Vision Matters by Peter Mommsen (Anabaptist perspective)
The Reformation Rescued the Gospel by R.C. Sproul (Reformed perspective)
Re-Forming the Church by George Weigel (Catholic perspective)
Things You Might Not Know about the Reformation by Rod Boriack (Lutheran perspective)
The Reformation at 500 by Russell Moore (Evangelical perspective)
Luther, Prayer and the Reformation by William R. Russell (Lutheran perspective)

If anything jumps out and catches your attention in any of these articles, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you think!

As you leave today’s short study of the Reformation, we send you on with one of Martin Luther’s prayers about knowledge:

Dear Lord God,
Grant me your grace so that I may rightly understand your Word, and more importantly, also do it.
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, if my quest after knowledge does not glorify you alone, let me not know a single letter.
Give me only so much as I, a poor sinner, need to know to proclaim and glorify you.

Save the date: October 29! We’ll celebrate the Reformation and the confirmation of 7 young people in our community with one service at 10:00 a.m. Our synod bishop will preach, and we’ll follow the service with an Oktoberfest celebration. Come for the service, stay for the German food, beer and wine (for a donation), a hymn sing and lots of fun!

Christa Cordova serves the Beautiful Savior community as ministry apprentice and occasional blogger (June 2017-March 2018). She anticipates completing her master of divinity degree at Fuller Seminary in 2018.

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